Are you curious to find out if AR glasses are safe for your eyes or if they have any health hazards? If so, this article would help you evaluate this concern in detail with the most prevailing facts. Since the bloom/rise in the use of AR products, many questions about their safety also arise. Therefore, make sure to read the below information before you buy AR glasses or AR-related more items

Do AR Glasses Omit Harmful Rays to Create Visuals?

It is a myth that all technological innovations are bad and harmful to the human body. Although this is true for some technological products but not for all. When we specifically talk about augmented reality, it is one of the safest technologies for the human body. Let’s suppose that you are concerned about the safety of wearing AR glasses on your eyes for a prolonged duration. So, keep in mind that these glasses don’t omit any harmful or hazardous rays. Thus, they are completely safe for the eyes and the overall human body.

TUV certified for low blue light

When it comes to using AR glasses, make sure you buy them from a reliable and reputable company e.g., Xreal. The most admirable thing about Xreal’s Air AR glasses is that they are TUV-certified for low blue light. It means that these glasses effectively and efficiently block the excessive blue light rays from passing through your eyes. As a result, it contributes to the good health of your eyes while keeping them safe.

In contrast, ordinary glasses usually allow excessive blue light to pass from the digital screen to the eyes. These blue light rays are harmful to the eyes and may cause blindness as a result of excessive use. Therefore, always buy the best quality AR glasses from the best company that has good credibility as Xreal.

Guaranteed Eye Comfort

AR Air glasses are the best pick because they are the safest for the eyes and also guarantee eye comfort. Also, their multi-level adjustment makes them easier to wear and adjust depending on your head shape. They allow you to enjoy a smooth visual experience for entertainment without getting your eyes hurt.

Due to this feature, these Xreal Air glasses have also achieved the TUV certification for eye comfort. When your eyes are in comfort, you will enjoy the AR space or virtual desktop to your fullest. Even if you use AR glasses for spatial displays or air casting, you would love experiencing it without any discomfort.

Safe for Prolonged Use

Many people question whether it is safe to wear AR glasses for prolonged hours, especially in the case of children. The answer is yes! As these glasses are certified for eye protection and don’t omit any harmful rays, you can wear them for extended hours. Even people with weaker eyesight can use these augmented reality glasses without any issues. It is a myth that wearing glasses for longer hours affects your eyesight. The truth is that AR glasses have nothing to do with your eyesight and you can wear them without any fears.


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