Huawei Mate Pad T10s

Features of Huawei Mate Pad T10s

However, Huawei’s mid-range tablet offerings have fallen off a cliff in recent years. Google Play Store is no longer available on new smartphones because of a trade dispute between China and the United States. But it didn’t deter them from introducing the Huawei Mate Pad T10s at the bargain price of $200 US dollars. Click here to buy the Huawei matepad t 10s.


You won’t be disappointed with the Huawei Mate Pad T10s design. The antennae are made of plastic, but the rest of the body is made of metal. “Deepsea blue” is a hue I enjoy. However, despite its 7.85mm thickness, it is more premium-feeling than Amazon’s tablets and is nearly as good as an iPad. Weight: It is 450g


When holding the phone in landscape mode, the webcam is centered in the middle. It’s ideal for video conversations because more and more companies are doing this. However, the megapixel count is only 2 megapixels. And the 5-megapixel primary camera isn’t much better. Because of this, don’t expect to be able to shoot fantastic selfies or anything else. It can be used, but that’s all there is to it.


10.1-inch IPS display with 1920×1200 pixel resolution is found in the Huawei Mate Pad T10s. It’s a nice screen. Even though it is significantly darker than the Apple iPad 8, it has a broad range of viewing angles and outstanding contrast. It’s fantastic that the screen is laminated. Like other inexpensive tablets in this price range, it performs admirably.

Its resolution seemed lower at one point, and the screen was hazy. Nevertheless, Huawei automatically adapts the screen resolution according to what you’re doing. The Smart Resolution feature may be turned off if you always want to utilize it at its best quality.


The speakers on the MatePad T10s are superb, so it has a lot of promise as a media tablet despite the Netflix problem. Each of the shorter sides has a speaker. Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has four speakers, the sound quality of the MatePad is much improved above that of the more expensive Samsung model. Improved sound quality and a louder bass make it more enjoyable to listen to. The speakers are excellent at this price point.

Hardware & Performance

A HiSilicon Kirin 710 octa-core CPU powers the Huawei MatePad T10s. In addition to 2GB or 3GB of memory, you may have it with either 32GB or 64GB of storage. I have both the 32GB and the 2GB versions. Given the price, benchmark results are satisfactory. In most tests, the Galaxy Tab A7 is just a little more expensive than the T10s, including Geekbench 5, 4, and 3D Mark.

HD visuals are available in PUBG Mobile, which is a step up from the Samsung A7 in terms of performance. However, when playing in HD mode, it stutters a little. So, if you want to play it smoothly, you’ll have to lower the visuals. The same thing happened to me with Asphalt 9. Although it’s mostly smooth, there are some noticeable stutters here and there.


The Mate Pad T10s is powered by Android 10 and the EMUI 10 software. Huawei’s Android interface is significantly customized, but it’s also a lot easier to tweak than the stock Android interface.


It’s just like any other Android device. There is one huge exception. It doesn’t have access to the Google Play Store or any other popular applications because of the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. An Android tablet not having Google applications is a significant letdown, as you usually anticipate them when purchasing one. It is one of the best tablets available in the market.


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